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Susan Deacon Retirement
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The Susan Deacon Property Group will assist you every step of the way to make the best decision!!

Whether you call it retirement or a relaxed lifestyle, the best years of your life should be spent in the comfort, privacy, safety and space of a retirement estate/ village. Our retirement profile will assist you to make an informed decisions at the crucial time in your life. If you are around retirement age, you're probably excited about the possibilities that are opening up for you, but at the same time worried about unknown factors such as inflation, devaluation, and uncertain interest rates etc.

To add to your concern you don't know how long you are going to live and consequently how much money you are going to need. Then there are medical aids and medical expenses to think about!

Those entering their retirement years are looking for an environment that offers a number of key qualities. Among these, uppermost on most lists are health, peace, comfort and security. You can enjoy an enduring, independent lifestyle in an environment that is safe, secure and breathtakingly beautiful.

The Susan Deacon Property Group will guide you every step of the way to make the perfect investment for the best years of your life.

Founded in 1985, today the Susan Deacon Property Group is one of the leading Estate Agencies in South Africa. The group is active in all sectors of property sales, developments and rentals throughout South Africa. We are steadily setting the trend for best selection of retirement villages on offer.

The experience gained over the last 25 years has afforded The Susan Deacon Property Group with a keen insight into selecting only the best lifestyle solutions for our buyers/ investors, across all life stages. These particular qualities, along with a commitment to excellence are values that more and more South Africans are beginning to hold in high regard. Creating tomorrow’s spaces is both the focus and the promise behind OUR leading reputation for innovation and the pursuit of excellence.